This club was formed in 1971 as The Avicultural Society of Southern, Tasmania Inc. but as we now have members state wide the word southern has been made obsolete so that the club is now an avicultural club for all of Tasmania. The club has grown steadily over the 40 years and at the present time we have members with ages ranging from 10 years and under to senior of the senior.


The members keep a vast variety of birds. Most of the Australian parrots and finches are kept along with African (mainly finches), Asiatics and some from the Pacific Islands. A few are lucky enough to have some of the larger and smaller Macaws and smaller parrots from Mexico, Central America and South America.


The club publishes a monthly (except December) magazine. This keeps our members informed of events and articles about bird life and problems. There is also a club library with a range of up to date books and some DVDís. These can be borrowed at the monthly meeting and returned at the next meeting. To help with the health etc of our birds we have a trade table that stocks a range of hand-raising foods, vitamins, feeders etc. And some medications also leg rings.


Meetings are usually held, on the 4th. Tuesday of every month (except December) at the Geilston Bay Boat Club, De Bomford Lane, Geilston Bay, at 8 pm. and visitors are welcome to attend. After the formal part of the meeting there is a hot drink and nibbles supplied for those who stay and chat.


If interested in joining, contact the "Membership Officer" at meetings, or just hit the "Join us" button and print out the membership application form, complete it, and mail in as directed.