What would you get?
By Peggy Newbury



What do you get if you cross:


A Pied cock with a Lutino hen?
        A Silver cock with a Cinnamon hen?
        A Whiteface cock with a Pearl hen?
        A Fallow cock with a Platinum hen?


When breeding with cock birds that are a visible sex linked colour or pattern all hens resulting from any pairing must be the same colour or pattern as its father, regardless of what colour or pattern the mother is.

Therefore.. Lutino cock x ANY colour hen will produce lutino hen offspring. Male offspring will be grey split for lutino unless their mother is also lutino, then the young cocks will be lutino.

For example.
Cinnamon Lutino cock x cinnamon hen should produce:
    cinnamon cocks split lutino and cinnamon lutino hens.
Cinnamon Lutino cock x lutino hen should produce:
    lutino cocks split cinnamon and cinnamon lutino hens.
Cinnamon Lutino cock x cinnamon lutino hen should produce:
    cinnamon lutino cocks and cinnamon lutino hens.

The same results would be expected substituting the pattern of pearl for cinnamon or lutino in each combination.

Some deviations from this rule for breeding with sex linked mutation cocks have been found when breeding lutino and platinum together, Platinum will dominate in certain pairings such as lutino cock x platinum. Where lutino hens and grey cocks double split to platinum and lutino would be expected, sometimes all platinum dilute birds are produced. Test breeding is ongoing to record all results from similar pairings.

As more variations of colour and pattern mutations become established some mutations will dominate the expression of others. According to overseas articles, when lutino and yellowface (both sex linked mutations) are combined in an attempt to create a more yellow bird, the lutino effect dominates. To date, I have not read of or seen photographs of a yellowface lutino multi-mutation.

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