Leg Ring Sizes for Finches and Parrots


1. Small Wax Bills, Orange Breasts.

2. Zebra Finch-, Gouldian Finch.

3. Bengalese, Chestnut Finch.

4. Gloster, Fife, and small canaries.

5. Yorkshire, Border, Red Factor, Norwich, Roller and Lizard canaries and Java Sparrows.

6. Budgerigar.

7. Bourke's, Neophemas, Turquoise, Blue-winged, Elegant, Scarlet Chested etc.

8. African Lovebird, Fig-parrot, Little and Purple-crowned Lorikeet, Red Rumped, Hooded and Golden Shouldered.

9. Cockatiel, Varied Lorikeet, Mulga, Blue Bonnet, Swift, Kakarki, Western Rosella and


10. Eastern, Northern and Pale Headed Rosellas, Plum-headed, Princess, Sun Conure,

 Red Capped, Scaly Breasted Lorikeet.

11. Indian Ringneck, King, Red-winged, Red-collared and Rainbow Lorikeets, Superb,

 Regent, Crimson, Green, and Yellow Rosellas.

Larger Birds

8.7mm Black-lory, Derbyan, Moustache Parrot, Twenty Eight Parrot, Port Lincoln Parrot,  Alexandrine.

9.5mm Red-sided Eclectus, Gang Gang Cockatoo.

11mm Major Mitchell, Little Corella, Eclectus Parrot, African Grey, Long Billed Corolla.

12.7mm Glossy Black Cockatoo, Red, White and Yellow Tailed Cockatoo, Sulphur crested cockatoo.



5. The smaller back toe must be flipped out of the band. A toothpick or any small

 pointed implement can be placed between the toe and leg to pull the toe gently out       from under the band.

6. The band should remain on the leg between the foot and the hock joint. Test by

 pulling the band over the foot. if it slips off easily, wait a day or two until the chick has  grown more.